MAD Academy is your business partner capable of valuing each population, at each stage of the learning process, with tailor-made solutions engaging people deeply and sustainably.

Faced with an ever more informed, changing, and polymorphous clientele, the permanent adaptation of your sales teams is key in their role as daily ambassadors of your Maison.

This adaptability draws its foundations both from a strong retail and customer culture, but also from a portfolio of skills ranging from empathy to influence, including performance and sales skills, all of this energized by a sense of belonging to the brand and its values.

Our offers, all personalized to the specificities and priorities of our clients, in “blended” format – combining digital, face-to-face, coaching – revolve around a holistic approach in 3 learning phases:




Clarify the objective to be achieved

Know future learners

Develop the most convincing content

Mobilize everyone around the common objective

Opt for the best pedagogical techniques according to the different learner profiles

Animate and/or facilitate sessions

Encourage concrete action plans and roadmaps

Engage learners personally

Evaluate the adhesion and the skills acquired

Anchoring the knowledge

Support the deployment

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